Mauritius Global Business License Companies (GBL or GBC), Mauritius Authorised Companies (AC's), Mauritius Domestic Type Company Formation Services

Mauritius GBL's or GBC's AC's and Domestic Type Company Formation and Management.

Overview of The Mauritius GBL or GBC (Global Business License Company) Type Company with a potential 3% Corporate Tax Rate on certain activities and the AC type Company with a 0 Corporate Tax Rate.

Substantive Mauritius GBL or GBC Companies are deemed resident in Mauritius and consequently subject to tax. However, they benefit from both tax exemptions and double taxation agreements worldwide.  Effectively the tax rate on eligible income is 3%. Correctly structured and managed Mauritius GBL companies may access Mauritius' network of over 37 tax treaties. Neither capital gains nor withholding taxes are levied. Consequently, Mauritius GBL companies are used by tax practitioners and businesses to structure investments into Mauritius' treaty partners around the Globe.

AC Type Companies are deemed to be non resident in Mauritius and are not subject to Mauritius Taxation.

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