The Mauritius Domestic Company

A domestic company is incorporated under the laws of Mauritius by the Registrar of Companies and governed by the Companies Act 2001, amongst other legislations. The use of a domestic company is often considered as the best way to conduct business with Mauritian residents and is among the preferred route to investing in Mauritius but can also be used for other purposes.  Given recent Government announcements in the 2018 Budget, all Companies will begin as Domestic Companies who will be able to benefit from the 3% tax rate on foreign income if they apply for a GBC license.

Normally a domestic company is classified as ‘small private company’ where the turnover is less than MUR50 million and is liable to corporate income tax of 15% on its domestic chargeable income. The Company can conduct business with local and non-local residents of Mauritius.

Domestic companies’ permitted activities include consultancy services, investment holding and trading amongst others. They may also hold immovable property such as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS).

Other General Description

Type and nature:                   Private or Public company

Limited by shares

Limited by guarantee or Limited by both shares & guarantee

Constitution:                          Optional; if none adopted, company will be governed by the Companies Act 2001

Double taxation treaty:         Access to double taxation treaties benefits

CSR:                                       A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tax of 2% on chargeable income

Meetings:                               Anywhere for directors' and shareholders' meetings

Records:                                Publicly accessible

Relocation:                            May transfer its seat to another jurisdiction

Global business:                   May apply for a Global Business License (GBC)