Additional Services provided from our Mauritius Office

We offer a host of additional services from our Mauritius office and our trusted business partners. This is to ensure we can offer a complete solution when setting up and running your new business.

We can formulate asset protection solutions to hold your funds and offer investment solutions through our network of specialist partners.

We have an experienced accounting department in Mauritius that can provide full accounting services for companies and NAV calculations for Funds.

If you are looking to set up a website for your new business we can also offer a low cost solution as well as a dedicated phone number and even a dedicated member of staff.  The possibilities are endless.

Accounting from Mauritius

We provide full accounting services and statutory filing of financials to clients locally and globally operating in a variety of jurisdictions worldwide.  Your Company does not have to be a Mauritius Company to take advantage of this service.

Mauritius Forex Partners

Our commitment to providing both innovative and comprehensive currency transfer solutions has resulted in our preferred partner Forex Company becoming worldwide leaders in the field of foreign exchange since 2006

Your Mauritius Virtual office

As a solution-oriented firm, we always take care to recommend and introduce practical and cost-effective commercial solutions under our watch. We can provide virtual office services or physical office space.

Asset Management from Mauritius

We have vast expertise and resources for addressing complex wealth challenges, through our strong business affiliations and our distinguished network of independent private wealth advisors

Mauritius Citizenship

Getting a second passport provides many benefits such as visa-free traveling, better tax management, business growth, protection from social conflicts or simply for a better lifestyle. Mauritius offers a range of ways in which to obtain a Mauritius Passport.

Website set up

We can set up a wordpress website for your new company, mobile friendly and modern in design We also can supply eCommerce sites linked to pay pal or stripe as well as other payment gateways