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Jan 2020

We hope that 2020 has started off positively for you and that business is on the up. In this edition of our Monthly Email we thought we would share some interesting news articles about Mauritius which have been recently published and hope you find them of interest.

African sides enter race for Lithuania places

South Africa actually qualified for Morocco 2020 but later withdrew for political reasons. Under the competition rules, Mauritius, beaten by South Africa ...


Why Sheffield's Advanced Wellbeing Research centre is a tonic for Yorkshire - Professor Robert ...

Yorkshire Post

We've been working with the government in Mauritius to help drive change in public health and I'm working with colleagues in the AWRC to help…


Revealed: UAE residents' favourite destinations to visit in 2020

Khaleej Times

Thailand, Turkey, the UK, the Maldives, Italy, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Russia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam will be the most popular destinations ...


The Insurance Industry in Mauritius: Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022

Expedition 99

“The Insurance Industry in Mauritius: Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022”, report provides detailed analysis of the market trends, drivers and ...


Future Of Mauritius Telecommunications Market to 2025-Trends, Outlook and Growth Opportunities ...

Dagoretti News

The Mauritius Telecommunications report – 8th series from OG Analysis provides a complete view of the Mauritius telecom ecosystem along with ...

That’s all for now, we hope the above snippets provide a worthwhile read.

In the meantime, we are always at your service with regard to any Company Formation Services you may need as well as Trust set up and management as well as a host of other associated services. Just contact us for a free consultation.

December 2019
Mauritius - A perfect choice for Business and Living
Mauritius is Strategically located at the crossroads of Africa and Asia and situated in a convenient time zone of GMT+4 or 3, Mauritius enjoys a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a well-developed network of internal and external communications through the international sub-marine fibre optic network passing through Mauritius providing fast and reliable internet connection to the world.
Modern infrastructures and the new passenger terminal inaugurated at our International Airport cater for a greater influx of visitors with flights ever increasing from and to major cities in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
The population of Mauritius is made up by people of European, African, Indian and Chinese origin. This has resulted in a unique blend of races, cultures and religions coexisting in peace and creating a unique cultural identity.
Mauritius has a Multilingual (English/French/Creole) and highly skilled workforce and a large pool of professionals who contribute to the development of its economy.
Ever since it became independent in 1968, Mauritius has enjoyed social and political stability guaranteed by parliamentary democracy based on Westminster model.
And last but not least, the weather here is absolutely fantastic !
All of these advantages have set Mauritius apart as being the most appealing country in Africa so set up a Business, a Trust or many of the other entity types we have here and is a low tax destination with a flat rate of 15% and also 3% of certain activities.
Lifestyle here is amongst the best with every amenity available to Families and individuals alike.
Titan Corporate Services are a Fully Licensed Management Company and can help you to achieve your goal if you need to set something up here, with over 20 highly qualified staff we can assist with:-
  • Formation and Management of Mauritius Companies
  • Set up and Management of Trusts
  • Formation of Private Foundations
  • Opening Bank Accounts
  • Accounting Work
  • Fund set up and administration
  • Residence Permits
  • Set up of companies in other Jurisdictions
  • Other back office support services as needed.
If you are interested in learn more about the services we provide or are available here, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation anytime. We are here to help.
Titan are Licensed Trustees and can assist you with any advice and set up of these entity types, the above is only a very brief outline, for more detailed information please contact us and we will be happy to send you more substantive information. Titan is supervised and regulated by The Financial Services Commission.
April 2019

Beneficial Changes to The Corporate Landscape of Mauritius.

In the 2018 Budget a number of legislative changes were announced by the Government related to the types of Companies which exist in Mauritius.  Whilst it took some time for these changes to be fully understood we now have a clear picture of how things are. In our opinion these changes are of significant benefit to our clients.

The main driver behind the change being The Mauritius Government wish to “harmonise” the main existing types of companies listed above.

In Mauritius, under the Pre-2019 system we had three main types of Company Available (note. there are others but this article will focus on the main 3).

  1. The Global Business Licence Category 1 (GBC1) Type Company
  2. The Global Business Licence Category 2 (GBC2) Type Company
  3. The Domestic Company

Under the Post 2019 system we still have 3 main company types albeit different from the above such as:-

  1. The Global Business Licence Category Company Type (GBL)
  2. The Authorised Company Type (AC)
  3. The Domestic Company

Some GBC1 Type Companies have already been automatically converted to GBL Type Companies, however those set up before October 2017 have a grandfathering provision regarding taxation until June 2021.

GBC2 type Companies will have to “convert” to AC Companies.  However there is a “Grandfathering” provision for all GBC2 companies set up before 16th October 2017 until June 2021 where they will still not be taxable here, but they must still convert to AC Companies before the deadline.  Our team will assist you with this simple procedure.

AC companies are not resident here and not taxable here as long as the Place Of Effective Management is outside of Mauritius and they cannot trade within Mauritius or use any Double Taxation Agreements.

Domestic Companies will more or less remain as they were, except that those set up after Jan 2019 who have Non Mauritian Citizens as shareholders will only be allowed to do business within Mauritius. Otherwise a GBC or an AC must be used.  Any Domestic Companies set up before the deadline are unaffected.

GBC1 Changes to Taxation.

For GBC1 Companies, pre 2019 any profit derived from within Mauritius was taxed at 15% and any derived from outside of Mauritius at 3% as there was a blanket tax credit of 80% of all foreign derived profit.

So previously for example if a GBC1 earned 1000 USD in Foreign profit 800 USD (80%) of it was not taxable and 200 USD of it was taxed at 15% giving an overall tax on the 100 USD at 3% or 30 USD Tax.

This will be changed. Any GBC1 companies set up before October 2017 will have a grandfathering provision until June 2021 and after this date the new taxation schedule shall take effect.

Having said that the changes still make provision for a company to still only pay 3% tax on qualifying foreign income by way of an 80% “Foreign Income Tax Exemption” as follows:-

Introduction of an 80% exemption regime on the following income:

  • Foreign dividend, subject to amount not allowed as deduction in source country
  • Foreign source interest income
  • Profit attributable to a permanent establishment of a resident company in a foreign country
  • Foreign source income derived by a Collective Investment Scheme (“CIS”), Closed End Funds, CIS manager, CIS administrator, investment adviser or asset manager licensed or approved by the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”)
  • Income derived by companies engaged in ship and aircraft leasing


A Brief Look at Authorised Companies.


  1. The majority of shares or voting rights or the legal or beneficial interest in a company incorporated under the Companies Act  are to be held or controlled, as the case may be, by a person who is NOT a citizen of Mauritius;
  2. Proposed business or conducted business to be principally based outside of Mauritius OR to be conducted with the following category of persons:
  • A holder of a Global Business License;
  • An Authorised Company;
  • A holder of a Category 1 or Category 2 Global Business License issued on or before 16 October 2017; and
  1. For the company to have its place of effective management outside of Mauritius, i.e. strategic decisions relating to the company’s core income generating activities are made outside of Mauritius and either the majority of the Board of directors’ meetings are held outside of Mauritius or the executive management of the company is regularly exercised outside of Mauritius.


An Authorised Company shall NOT conduct the following business activities:

  • Banking;
  • Financial services;
  • Carrying out the business of holding or managing or otherwise dealing with a collective investment fund or scheme as a professional functionary;
  • Providing of registered office facilities, nominee services, directorship services, secretarial services or other services for corporations;
  • Providing trusteeship services by way of business.


An Authorised Company shall be held to be conducting business outside Mauritius notwithstanding that it engages in the following dealings and transactions:

  • Investing in any securities listed on a securities exchange licensed under the Securities Act 2005;
  • Opening and maintaining with a bank an account in foreign currency;
  • Holding any share, debenture, security or any interest in or otherwise dealing or transacting with a corporation holding a Global Business Licence;
  • Entering into a business relationship with the holder of a Management Licence or a law practitioner, legal consultant, law firm or a qualified auditor in Mauritius.


As per newly introduced Section 73A in The Income Tax Act in Mauritius, a company which is incorporated in Mauritius but which has its place of effective management outside Mauritius, shall be treated as non-resident, therefore Authorised Companies are non-resident for tax purposes in Mauritius. Nevertheless, they are still registered with the Mauritius Revenue Authority and are required to submit a return of income on annual basis.


An Authorised Company is required to file a financial summary (an abbreviated balance sheet) with the Financial Services Commission (Mauritius) once in every year. The filing is due 6 months after company’s Financial Year End date.

An Authorised Company is, at all times, required to have a registered agent in Mauritius which shall be a management company licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (Mauritius).