Mauritius Residency and Citizenship

Getting a second passport is perhaps the most important step in flag theory for attaining greater freedom. However, to become a citizen of Mauritius can require incredible time commitments for many people.

At Titan Corporate Services our worldwide infrastructure allows us to handpick the most attractive residency and citizenship options available. Through this network of carefully selected partnerships and relationships, we are able to offer a variety of programmes that suit most peoples’ interests and intentions.

Listening to your requirements, we get to understand your needs. This allows us the ability to offer assistance in giving you a better understanding of your goal. We then draw up a short list of specific programmes that might be suitable, talking through the pro’s and con’s, and finally coming to a conclusion on which programme is most suitable for you.

As the citizenship by investment industry has undergone a lot of changes in the last year we take you through the whole process from the beginning to the end.

  • A Second passport
  • An alternative lifestyle setup
  • A property investment and/or a holiday home
  • A 2nd home and/or a new primary residence
  • An immigration destination
  • A new tax jurisdiction
  • An improved personal and corporate tax exposure
  • New structures
  • Estate planning benefits
  • A lifestyle security
  • Personal and family security
  • Freedom and privacy
  • Travel advantages