Mauritius Trusts and Foundations

Titan Corporate Services establishes Trusts and Foundations in Mauritius and a number of other different jurisdictions, covering the needs of both common law and civil law clients. A Properly constituted trust will assist with:

Asset protection and preservation Estate, succession and tax planning, including minimising inheritance tax Inheritance management and the avoidance of forced heir-ship Provisioning for the future needs of children or other dependents Holding of private wealth and the retention of family property.

Our experienced team of Mauritius professionals provides a comprehensive range of services for the establishment and administration of trusts, including:

  • Management and administration of all forms of trust & foundation structures
  • Provision of professional and experienced corporate trustees
  • Family office services

Foundations may be viewed as a civil law equivalent to common law trusts. Foundations are an excellent alternative to common law trusts providing the same level and quality of confidentiality, tax planning, asset protection, estate planning, future wealth preservation and social responsibility.

The major difference with the trust is that the Foundation is a legal person whilst the trust is a legal relationship. We can set up and manage foundations for you in various jurisdictions. Mauritius has enacted Foundation Legislation which makes it easy for us to assist you.