About Mauritius,general facts, Global Business Company (GBC), Authorised Company (AC) and Domestic Company formation, Accounting Services, Trust Set up and Administration.

Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean approximately 800 km off the East Coast of Madagascar. It has a thriving Financial Services Sector specializing in Fund Investment, Tax Efficient GBC company formation and Trust and Banking Services.

The population of the Island is approximately 1,200,000 made up principally by people of European, African, Indian and Chinese origin. Mauritius takes pride in the fact that these different cultures co-exist in peace and succeed in creating a cultural entity that is distinctly Mauritian.

Political Structure
The British ruled Mauritius for 158 years until 12 March 1968 when it became an independent country within the Commonwealth. The Republic of Mauritius is a Westminster style democracy. The President is the Head of State and Commander in Chief. Full executive power rests with the Prime Minister who is Head of Government. The Members of Parliament are elected every five years by popular vote and a number of political parties contest the elections, reflecting the country's firm commitment to a multi-party political system.

Since independence in 1968, Mauritius has developed from a low income, agriculturally based economy to a middle-income diversified economy with growing industrial, financial, and tourism sectors. For most of the period, annual growth has been of the order of 5% to 6%. The government's development strategy centers on foreign investment. Mauritius has attracted more than 20,000 GBC type entities, trusts, foundations and funds, aimed at commerce, trade and investment on a global scale.

English is the official language. However, the Mauritian population is largely bilingual, being equally fluent in English and French. Creole is also spoken and understood by most.

Mauritian Rupee.

Exchange Control

Type of Law
Common Law for corporate matters.